Book Fairs 2014

Show Date: -
Location: London, UK
Deadline:Mar 28, 2015

EXTENDED DEADLINE TO MARCH 28 The London Book Fair is one of those world events that seems to garner more and more accolades as the years pass—and with that, it also adds more attendees and features.  The 2013 fair added some new features, many of which added traffic throughout the hall.  2013 also saw a move for the New Title Showcase to a busier area, and 2014 will bring even more changes to the popular exhibit, hopefully maxing out the traffic.   The New Title Showcase is most definitely a loved feature for the audience at The London Book Fair—and audience that includes book buyers, agents, publishers,... Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Syracuse, NY
Deadline:Oct 27, 2014

The New York State Reading Association serves a large population of educators and reading professionals in one of the most populous states in the union.   New York’s state tests make these state-wide conferences even more popular with attendees—where they can gather together and discuss the necessary approaches to helping their students best prepare for their early reading education tests, straight through the high school regents exams.  The teachers love the Combined Book Exhibit and love being able to see the books from larger presses and smaller presses that would be well suited either for their classroom, their school library or for the own professional enhancement.   Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Deadline:Oct 20, 2014

After a successful debut in 2013, which saw the entirety of the Combined Book Exhibit fill up in record time, Combined Book Exhibit is returning to the Guadalajara International Book Fair even bigger and better in 2014!  GIBF represents the best chance to break into the Latin American Market as over 20 thousand members of the trade descend on the city to find books for nearly 2 thousand publishing houses from 43 countries (nearly 700 thousand attend the fair, including the public).  Attendees to the fair include publishers, agents, distributors, booksellers, librarians and the public, but as a rights fair, the trade visitors focus on... Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Deadline:Oct 17, 2014

There are almost 800 individual library branches in New York State, which is one of the most populous states in the union, so New York State is obviously ambitious in regards to libraries and the library community.  .  Each conference sees conversation and research inside the exhibit hall for how to best allocated the (reported) near $1.9 billion they spend on materials and resources.  While this number is staggering, it has a lot of ground to cover, and a lot of the decisions on how it's covered are made at the annual trade show.  The return to the shows usual—and most popular—venue in Saratoga Springs... Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Oakland, CA
Deadline:Oct 06, 2014

Between Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and all of their surrounding areas, California has many library systems on which to focus, and Combined Book Exhibit is happy to support CALA by bringing some of the best books from independent and large publishers—and providing these publishers and authors a way of getting their books to the CALA audience.  Budgetary concerns always seem drive interest in seeing books before buying, which is exactly the experience that Combined Book Exhibit provides—and is unfortunately a truism in California where the state budget is of constant concern. Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Boxborough, MA
Deadline:Oct 03, 2014

With six states being encompassed by New England, the New England Library Association has a lot of ground to cover.  As with events in any region, sometimes it’s best to be centrally located in order to get attendance from everywhere, but it’s also always best not to ignore anyone.  Massachusetts is the state that always garners the most attendance, so the 2014 show should see a spike in the number of people on the show floor. Nonetheless, NELA always presents a great and varied opportunity for publishers and self published authors. Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Springfield, IL
Deadline:Sep 26, 2014

The state of Illinois receives loads of fanfare from the library community, no doubt in part because the American Library Association's main offices are in nearby Chicago.  And with such an important part of the national library world located right in their backyard, the Illinois Library Association has good company when advocating for the staff and members of the 3,802 libraries in the state.  With over 3,700 members in the association, they stand as the third largest state library association in the entire US, making it a great opportunity for marketing your titles to a serious and seriously large audience.   Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Lancaster, PA
Deadline:Sep 12, 2014

The Pennsylvania Library Association is one that consistently throws great conferences regardless of the location.  PALA sees an average of 1 thousand in attendance, who represent near 2 thousand members are so dedicated to their craft, which includes staffing over 50 library branches in Philadelphia alone.  Pennsylvania is a large state with a population of over 12 million covering a lot of ground, and offering a lot of opportunity. Lancaster’s central location always brings extra attendance from Pennsylvania’s large cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, positioning the 2014 book fair favorably. Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Deadline:Sep 12, 2014

Perhaps no venue on Earth reaches the depth and breadth of the publishing industry the way the Frankfurt Book Fair does.  It might be because of the near 300 thousand in attendance, the eight full halls of exhibits covering 100 different countries, or maybe it's just the reputation Frankfurt has as the industry's 100% absolute must-participate event for over 60 years.  One thing is certain however, and that's that regardless of the cause, there's no question that the Frankfurt Book Fair is the most important event on the publishing industry's calendar each year.  Reach publishers, agents, distributors, printers, booksellers, librarians, book buyers, authors, journalists, rights... Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Barcelona
Deadline:Sep 10, 2014

Over 12,000 industry professionals from Spain and Latin America will attend the 2014 Edition of Liber. Publishers, Agents, Distributors, Booksellers, librarians, educators and other industry professionals will attend in Barcelona.  The Combined Book Exhibit will list your title and contact information in both a print and online catalog.  The online catalog will be live for one year after the event giving your titles added exposure.  Inquiries will be taken on site and passed on to you after the fair. Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Beijing, China
Deadline:Aug 05, 2014

The Beijing International Book Fair is the largest publishing industry event in the Asian Market, and considering China is the most populous country in the world, that's a pretty huge market, with a huge opportunity.  Much like the Arab Market, the Chinese and Asian markets are starved for content to not only translate into their local language, but also to purchase the rights to distribute English Language content.  Over 200 thousand visitors made up of members of the trade and members of the public come to the show annually to see books from 56 different countries.  2013 marked the second year in the new venue... Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Denver, CO
Deadline:Jun 07, 2014

The National Education Association has over 3 million members nationwide, which is really no surprise when considering how many schools and teachers there are in the country.  But the fact that over 16 thousand come to their annual trade show on behalf of that over 3 million means that their annual trade show carries a lot of weight, and that also means having your books front and center might represent a great opportunity.  The 2013 conference in Atlanta kept the momentum from the previous year in Washington, D.C and ran with it, and the expectation is that the momentum will not let up in Denver... Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Deadline:Jun 02, 2014

For 2014, the American Library Association is heading west to Las Vegas! With library budgets—particularly for travel and expenses—still making a slow recovery from the strict restrictions they had in recent years, the allure of lower travelling expenses associated with Las Vegas (cheap hotels, inexpensive meals, easy transportation) will hopefully bring the numbers back out to ALA.  And while it’s hard to follow a great year like 2013 in Chicago, because it’s always hard to follow ALA’s in the association’s home town, the programming and of course the exhibits going to Las Vegas should help soften the blow.  2013 marked Combined Book Exhibit’s 80th ALA,... Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Atlantic City, NJ
Deadline:May 13, 2014

The New Jersey Library Association has cut itself a little home in Atlantic City, with 2014 marking the third straight year the association will hold its annual conference in the coastal city—a coastal city which was, much like the rest of the state, ravaged by Hurricane Sandy in late 2012.  With library funding projects in the works across the state, this is still an association serving the needs of attendees still in recovery for the foreseeable future.  With that in mind, it’s no surprise that New Jersey librarians are on the top of their game at their annual book fair, using it as a great... Read More

Show Date: -
Location: New York, NY
Deadline:Apr 28, 2014

The 2013 BookExpo America was raved about, both during and after the fair, for what a positive experience it was for attendees and exhibitors alike.  BEA management allowed an increase in reader attendance (whereas before it was trade only), pavilions brought extra attention to different areas of the fair, and the New Title Showcase remained a popular destination for exhibitors and attendees alike.  Annually featuring over one thousand titles (both print and ebooks), the BookExpo America New Title Showcase is one of the most popular stops on our show schedule.  With changes coming in 2013—including a location move for the exhibit itself onto the show... Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Lake Buena Vista, FL
Deadline:Apr 18, 2014

Libraries in Florida have--for the last several years--been dealing with less than favorable legislation, from that limiting their budget to that limiting their growth, even in the most populous areas.  The years of 2011-2013 have seen a slight loosening of the state’s budget, allowing for some more library spending.  With this spending increase, and an attendee base most certainly accustomed to dealing with adversity, and how to plan around it, it’s no surprise that librarians in the Sunshine State have also grown accustomed to making the utmost of informed decisions.  They know the trade show is the best way to find new products, and especially... Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Hershey, PA
Deadline:Apr 17, 2014

Few venues exemplify the adage "quality of quantity" quite like the Pennsylvania School Library Association--especially when they hold their annual conference in the popular venue in Hershey, PA.  While the thousand-member association might not be the largest, their annual show's attendees (which averages about 750 each year in Hershey) spend more time going through the exhibits, and specifically the Combined Book Exhibit's bookcases, than any other.  It's not uncommon for a single librarian to spend over an hour at a time going through the Combined Book Exhibit collection book by book, and it's rare for there to be any catalogs leftover at the end of... Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Cromwell, CT
Deadline:Apr 16, 2014

Considering the fact that the wealthy state of Connecticut has over 3.5 million citizens, only about 250 libraries (not including schools and universities) are scattered across the state, which means that each branch serves, on average, 14 thousand patrons.  If the librarians in Connecticut don't have their work cut out for them, who does?  Because of this, the over 500 people—a number that might increase due to the smack-dab-in-the-middle-of-the-state location of Cromwell in 2014—that attend the Connecticut Library Association annually take their opportunities very seriously, not only including the great programs available, but also the extensive exhibit hall.  CTLA members know that the number one... Read More

Show Date: -
Location: San Antonio, TX
Deadline:Mar 19, 2014

Texas is the no question king of all state library association, with an annual conference averaging over 7 thousand in attendance, and with the popular destination of San Antonio hosting the 2014 fair, the number will surely not waiver.  63% of attendees reportedly use the exhibits as an information gathering exercise for new products and Combined Book Exhibit represents a great way to get your information into the hands of this reputable group. Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Bologna, Italy
Deadline:Feb 08, 2014

The Bologna Book Fair is the oldest and most reputable international book fair focusing exclusively on children's books.  Not only is opportunity abound because of the average attendance from over 67 countries, but with personnel including book publishers, distributors, packagers and printers, literary agents, TV and film producers and licensors, the opportunities presented by the Bologna Children's Book Fair seem endless.  Located within the USAPavilion, organized by the American Collective Stand, the Combined Book Exhibit offers the opportunity to have your books on display front and center for this diverse audience! Read More


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Even through Random House, Inc. is very big, the staff of the Library Marketing Department is relatively small -- and our show budget is not unlimited -- so what to do about representation at those important state shows that we can't attend in person??   Combined Book Exhibit to the rescue!   
For over 15 years Random House, Inc. has relied upon CBE to represent us at from 8 - 10 shows per year all around the country.  Their staff is knowledgeable, conscientious, pleasant and they always get their attractive booth up right on time.  No worries with CBE.
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