Book Fairs 2015

Show Date: -
Location: San Francisco, CA
Deadline: Jun 05, 2015

The 2014 ALA Annual Conference saw bigger numbers than expected, with over 25 thousand in attendance!  Library staff of all levels--from genre librarians to selector librarians to board members and everyone in between--from all over the country make their way to ALA Annual to see the best new books.  ALA hasn’t held it’s annual conference in California (the state with the largest library budget as per ALA’s research) in some time, so excitement is at an all time high. Combined Book Exhibit is one of the 10 longest running exhibitors with ALA and as such, CBE has the best possible location, bringing great attention to... Read More

Show Date: -
Location: Beijing, China
Deadline: Aug 03, 2015

Show Date: -
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Deadline: Sep 14, 2015

Show Date: -
Location: State College, PA
Deadline: Sep 18, 2015

Show Date: -
Location: Peoria, IL
Deadline: Sep 28, 2015

Show Date: -
Location: Pasadena, CA
Deadline: Oct 05, 2015

Show Date: -
Location: Manchester, NH
Deadline: Oct 09, 2015

Show Date: -
Location: Columbus, OH
Deadline: Oct 16, 2015

Show Date: -
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Deadline: Oct 16, 2015

Show Date: -
Location: Lake Placid, NY
Deadline: Oct 17, 2015

Show Date: -
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY
Deadline: Oct 23, 2015


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