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2008 American Library Association Midwinter
Show Date:
Jan 11 - Jan 14, 2008
Registration & Display Copy Deadline:
Friday, Jan 11, 2008
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The American Library Association, the oldest and largest library association in the world, will hold its 2008 Midwinter Conference in Philadelphia, PA. With almost 110,000 public, school, college and university libraries in the U.S., national book shows such as the ALA-Midwinter conference provide exposure to this multi-billion dollar market.
 ALA-Midwinter provides publishers a unique opportunity to expose their titles to libraries nationwide. Attending this meeting will be librarians at the highest levels of their libraries from across the nation with the power to make purchasing decisions.
Due to our seniority with ALA, we have once again secured a prime location at the entrance to the exhibit hall. This will give your publications maximum exposure to the thousands of librarians expected to attend.
Your titles will be displayed prominently within our exhibit and organized by the Dewey Decimal System. This is the preferred method of reviewing titles by librarians. All books will have a number affixed to the front cover of the book which will correspond to the exhibit catalog we prepare that all lists all titles on display for the show. This enables librarians to quickly review a large number of titles and take away with them a record of what they saw.

Shipping Instructions

Send one display copies for each show entered to:

Combined Book Exhibit
Initials of show/Autographing
277 White Street
Buchanan, NY 10511

Books must arrive on or before published deadlines. See CBE Schedule for deadlines. https://www.combinedbook.com/book-shows.html

Questions: [email protected] or call our office at 914-739-7500, ext 5.

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