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2009 Ohio Library Council
Show Date:
Oct 21 - Oct 23, 2009
Registration & Display Copy Deadline:
Friday, Sep 18, 2009
Cleveland, OH
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The Ohio Library Council alternates its schedule every year. In 2008 there was a one day “trade show” featuring only the exhibits, and no conferences or panels. 2009 will feature a muti-day book fair featuring exhibits, panels, discussions, coffee breaks and more. 
Ohio has a reputation of spending big on libraries, and it also has the highest per capita budget for libraries in the entire country, making it a very important show. In Cleveland, it should attract high attendance as one of the largest cities in the state and all the additional attractions it houses.
Exhibit and catalog are organized by Dewey Decimal Category.

Shipping Instructions

Send one display copies for each show entered to:

Combined Book Exhibit
Initials of show/Autographing
277 White Street
Buchanan, NY 10511

Books must arrive on or before published deadlines. See CBE Schedule for deadlines. https://www.combinedbook.com/book-shows.html

Questions: [email protected] or call our office at 914-739-7500, ext 5.

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