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2011 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair
Show Date:
Mar 15 - Mar 20, 2011
Registration & Display Copy Deadline:
Monday, Feb 14, 2011
Abu Dhabi, UAE
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In tandem with the Abu Dhabi Book Fair, Combined Book Exhibit and American Collective Stand, we are happy to announce and invite you to the International Collective at the 2011 Abu Dhabi Book Fair, taking place March 15-20.
Now you can have your books exposed to this growing market even if you can't attend. In the International Collective, your books will receive maximum exposure to tens of thousands of attendees over the duration of the not only because of its prime location, but also because it will feature publishers from around the world, making it a one-stop location for attendees to see a wide variety of content including varying genres and a multitude of languages.
The Abu Dhabi Book Fair has steadily been growing in popularity, and now averages an attendance of over 230 thousand members of the trade and public. As the Arab Market grows in importance, the book fair sees this impact, with 63 countries represented in its halls, the event is truly international. The International Collective makes it easy for you to be a part of the Abu Dhabi Book Fair and reach this market that’s constantly growing in size and importance.

Registration MUST be completed at www.pubmatch.org/adibf

Shipping Instructions

Send one display copies for each show entered to:

Combined Book Exhibit
Initials of show/Autographing
277 White Street
Buchanan, NY 10511

Books must arrive on or before published deadlines. See CBE Schedule for deadlines. https://www.combinedbook.com/book-shows.html

Questions: [email protected] or call our office at 914-739-7500, ext 5.

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