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    2011 Texas Library Association
    Show Date :
    Apr 12 - Apr 15, 2011
    Registration & Display Copy Deadline :
    Tuesday, Mar 15, 2011
    Location :
    Austin, TX
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    Texas Library Association is the largest state library association in the US, and as such provides the largest state library show in the union year after year. With over 7 thousand members from public, private, elementary, university and other libraries, TLA is as diverse as they come. Their annual trade show averages and attendance of over 7 thousand from year to year, and the 2011 conference in Austin is expected to continue this trend. While a lot of librarians are seeing their budgets get slashed, over 60% of TLA attendees had a steady budget over the past 3 years, which makes for good opportunity. And with a reported 63% of attendees using the exhibits as an information gathering exercise for new products, Combined Book Exhibit represents a great way to get your information into the hands of this reputable group.

    Shipping Instructions

    Send one display copies for each show entered to:

    Combined Book Exhibit
    277 White Street
    Buchanan, NY 10511

    Indicate acronyms of shows on label, or place a copy of your Registration Form in the box.