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    2015 Florida Library Association
    Show Date :
    May 12 - May 14, 2015
    Registration & Display Copy Deadline :
    Friday, Apr 17, 2015
    Location :
    Orlando, FL
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    Libraries in Florida have--for the last several years--been dealing with less than favorable legislation, from that limiting their budget to that limiting their growth, even in the most populous areas.  The years of 2011-2013 have seen a slight loosening of the state’s budget, allowing for some more library spending.  With this spending increase, and an attendee base most certainly accustomed to dealing with adversity, and how to plan around it, it’s no surprise that librarians in the Sunshine State have also grown accustomed to making the utmost of informed decisions.  They know the trade show is the best way to find new products, and especially new books.  Though Florida has less than 100 public libraries, large university and school systems make up the difference, with attendees coming from public, private, school and university libraries.

    Shipping Instructions

    Send one display copies for each show entered to:

    Combined Book Exhibit
    277 White Street
    Buchanan, NY 10511

    Indicate acronyms of shows on label, or place a copy of your Registration Form in the box.