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    2017 American Library Association Midwinter
    Show Date :
    Jan 20 - Jan 24, 2017
    Registration & Display Copy Deadline :
    Friday, Jan 06, 2017
    Location :
    Atlanta, GA
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    The American Library Association Midwinter Meetings and Exhibits are scheduled for  January 20th 2017 to January 23rd 2017 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA and attracts a focus group of top library professionals from libraries across the country to explore opportunities and network.

    The Midwinter meetings are a great opportunity to reach out to the decision makers in the library industry and a huge crowd of 8000+ attendees is expected this season.
    The Combined Book Exhibit provides you with the opportunity to display your work at the ALA midwinter meetings. Make sure that you send in your display copies by Dec 30th 2017.

    Shipping Instructions

    Send one display copies for each show entered to:

    Combined Book Exhibit
    277 White Street
    Buchanan, NY 10511

    Indicate acronyms of shows on label, or place a copy of your Registration Form in the box.