Year: 2016

  • The Combined Book Team December 26, 2016

    You can only market your book on your own or through a book marketing company successfully if you know your audience well. A best-selling author learns what his ideal audience wants and then writes the book. This awareness makes marketing so much easier when the book is actually published. Not pre-planning your book will make the back-end marketing that much harder. Whereas writing your book in tune with your target reader’s peculiarities, will give your marketing efforts that adrenaline rush while increasing your chances of your book becoming a bestseller. Average authors follow their list; bestselling authors…
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    The Combined Book Team December 12, 2016

    With all the latest digital technology favoring advertising and marketing, book marketing services have taken full advantage to combine marketing efforts on the digital platform with traditional marketing strategies to give authors the publicity they need for generating sales and revenue, as per their specific requirement. Book promotion is offered to authors by various means. Internet Services Author website set-up Advertising your book with regular guest appearances on blogs that will showcase your talent via consumer book reviews, author interviews and guest posts. Displaying your ad on Google is a route to reach potential buyers…
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    The Combined Book Team November 28, 2016

    Both parts are difficult: Writing a book is one tricky part of the story. Promoting it is altogether another one.  There’s a sea of books, book reviews, blogs fighting for the reader’s attention that makes it almost impossible to get well noticed by your targeted buyers if you are trying to get people to buy your book on your own. Unless you’re a well-known author, it’s difficult for any other author whether self, small press or big house published, to get a revenue-generating audience. Though large publishers provide book promotion services, the same does not hold true…
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    The Combined Book Team November 14, 2016

    For centuries, it’s been the publishers who decide what can and cannot be published. This has kept many stories untold and many creative writings unpublished. But since then, there has been a gigantic shift in this scenario, and today many channels have opened up presenting new opportunities to aspiring authors and writers. EBooks have brought about a revolution in the field of publishing and today; we see many authors taking this route for book publishing. Today, the popularity of eBooks has grown manifold and effective eBook promotion helps get the word out more successfully than any other means of…
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    The Combined Book Team October 31, 2016

    Back in the old days, book marketing heavily relied on traditional press and was dependent on getting reviewed and liked by the ‘right publishers.’ This typically meant that you needed to work with the right PR firms that had established contacts with traditional publications. But today, the scenario is different. The internet and social media have brought about a radical change in the way things work. Social media makes it easy for you to share information about your book to a larger audience and also makes it easy for them to share it with their friends and contacts. It’s…
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