Month: August 2016

  • The Combined Book Team August 22, 2016

    Book trailers entice people to read books which they wouldn’t otherwise have read. If they are used effectively as a part of your book promotion campaigns, they can work wonders to give your book it’s deserved publicity. Similar to movie trailers they help create additional exposure help generate a higher readership. Online marketing using video media requires that the video be short, compelling and highly engaging. Publicity via trailers can be rewarding in an overcrowded marketplace if done rightly. Rather than inundating people with lots of words, trailers grab instant attention and tempt potential readers to look further and stay…
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    The Combined Book Team August 9, 2016

    Writing a great book is not the end of an author’s job, marketing your book is important too. Traditionally, contacting large publishing houses was the only option and it involved a lot of trips back and forth trying to impress publishers and agents.  It is important to understand that however tedious it is, you will need to promote your book if you wish to develop a huge fan base and large readership. Here are a few tips to help you promote your new book successfully:   Identify your book’s genre ‘Everyone’ is not…
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    The Combined Book Team August 8, 2016

    Using graphics and pictures for your book promotion are a great way to make your posts stand out on Facebook and Twitter.  Hiring an artist to make your graphics can be expensive, and for things like book covers this is often the best course to take unless you have graphic design experience, but with a little practice you can make simple & eye-catching promo graphics for use on your social media! Watch the quick video tutorial below and let us know if you have any questions in the comment section on Youtube!  
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    The Combined Book Team August 2, 2016

    Twitter is a great place for writers and probably not for the reasons you’re thinking. Sure, it can be handy to promote your book to possibly thousands at once but if you’re just posting links to your book on Amazon, and not actually engaging in conversation with the writing and publishing community, those links won’t lead to much. And definitely not sales. The best use of Twitter is to engage with other writers, to see what literary agents and publishers are looking for (if you’re planning on traditional publishing) and to be a part of the conversations going on in…
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