Month: April 2018

  • The Combined Book Team April 5, 2018

    – By Mark Sexton Many publishers are slow learners. In spite of abundant evidence to the contrary, they cling to time-honored myths about the $5 billion library market, thereby depriving themselves of substantial revenue. Other houses, as diverse as Doubleday, Wiley and Greenwood Press, have recognized the long-term revenue potential. Their marketing budgets reflect sustained support of direct mail, space ads in the professional library media, attendance at library trade shows and other marketing activities. It’s time that more publishers looked at some of the old myths and noted below and compared them to the real conditions in this giant…
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    The Combined Book Team April 5, 2018

    A Simple Explanation Combined Book Exhibit is a book marketing resource that allows you to have your books promoted at trade shows and book fairs across the country and the world for just a small entrance fee and no need for you to travel. But there’s more too it than just that Back to top A Larger Explanation: For over 75 years, Combined Book Exhibit has served as a book marketing and promotional service for members of the publishing industry, serving publishers of all sizes, self published authors, and those in publishing related industries connect with…
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