Book Marketing Services for Writers – Helpful and Effective
The Combined Book Team November 28, 2016

Both parts are difficult: Writing a book is one tricky part of the story. Promoting it is altogether another one.  There’s a sea of books, book reviews, blogs fighting for the reader’s attention that makes it almost impossible to get well noticed by your targeted buyers if you are trying to get people to buy your book on your own. Unless you’re a well-known author, it’s difficult for any other author whether self, small press or big house published, to get a revenue-generating audience. Though large publishers provide book promotion services, the same does not hold true for small publishers or self-published work. The onus of book marketing falls entirely on the writer whose forte is writing and not marketing! Besides a writer’s time is precious and you wouldn’t spend it on something other than writing.

But hold your horses for help is on the way. The Internet is bustling with promotional services, marketing companies, publicity gurus and book promotion self-help advice.

How can you leverage on book marketing services?

Opting to go with a book marketing service is a good idea as you will receive continuous support towards preparing you for the book’s release. You can also use the service to establish or improve your platform, engage directly with the audience and determine book sales. While a book marketing service will have on offer a plethora of services, choose one or a combination of services that best meets your objectives and budget. Charges can be on hourly, flat-rate, or monthly retainer basis.

  • Training on  book marketing and planning the book release
  • Stage-wise marketing plan for newcomers
  • A review of marketing infrastructure for seasoned authors with consultancy advice for improvement
  • Strategic design and content support across channels including the author’s website, online profile and social media
  • Targeted campaigns to increase readership including blog reviews, email campaigns, social media presence, press releases, celebrity endorsement options, etc.
  • Development of cover copy and promotional materials
  • Traditional PR, Media Outreach, Author event planning, and advertising support.

Once you outsource your book promotion requirements, you can continue to focus your energy on doing what you do best – writing. Concentrate on writing the next book and ensuring that every sentence you write is deeply connected to your soul and the central plot of the story. Focus on helping your publisher craft a great hook and fabulous cover copy. Meanwhile be genuine in your interactions with colleagues, publishing team, and friends. Make new friends on Facebook or Twitter not because you want them to buy your book but because they bring positivity into your life. All this will contribute to improving your writing skills, and you will soon come up with the next manuscript. In summary, focus on your strengths, while leaving the marketing to book marketing service companies. A word of caution: before you select which book promotion service company to go with ensuring you have done adequate research on the kind of work and results they have achieved for other authors of your caliber.


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