Book Marketing Services and Setting Yourself Up for Success
The Combined Book Team December 12, 2016

With all the latest digital technology favoring advertising and marketing, book marketing services have taken full advantage to combine marketing efforts on the digital platform with traditional marketing strategies to give authors the publicity they need for generating sales and revenue, as per their specific requirement.

Book promotion is offered to authors by various means.

Internet Services

  • Author website set-up
  • Advertising your book with regular guest appearances on blogs that will showcase your talent via consumer book reviews, author interviews and guest posts.
  • Displaying your ad on Google is a route to reach potential buyers around the globe as Google will post your book on content sites they visit online.
  • Advertising on an online community of book lovers. The site is a wealth of information as it allows you to gain an insight into the user’s mindset by tracking the books they read or plan to read, enabling you to connect with other readers, join group discussions, write reviews, and even receive book recommendations

New Media

Book promotion services are going the digital and interactive way, allowing you to promote your book on their collaborators’ technology editions. You will get the chance to promote your book on their new media and its burgeoning readers.

Online Video Services

Set yourself up for success by availing of an online video service which is primarily an author book video which highlights the essence of your story in an impactful way.


Publicity is crucial for a successful book promotion. A book marketing company will deliver a professionally written press write-up and release it in print and online media.

Print Advertising

You can display your book in targeted prestigious publications with a substantial web presence.

Book Reviews

Get your book reviewed by entities which the influential literary audience of librarians, bookstore managers, industry decision makers and literary agents turn to for recommendations of good books.

However, before you engage with a book marketing services company, there are a couple of essentials that you need to take care of. It is worth the while to find out trusted authors who have used the service. Do not hesitate to ask the service provider for reports on recent promotions in your genre or to check out the list of books provided by the book promotion service on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple and Kobo. Check each book to see if it continued to hold a high sales rank. Hitting number one for a day is fine. But retaining the top ten position for a month will pay the bills. You could use a service like to gauge the amount of traffic coming to the site, before signing up. Before making an investment into a book promotion do your research and don’t take anything for granted.

At the end of the day, it is your hard earned work that must bear fruit, so you need to make a fair assessment of the risk and rewards involved. Set yourself up for marketing success by treating every decision in your publishing life like a business one.


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