Book Trailers for Readers – Unique Way to Get Attention for your Book
The Combined Book Team August 22, 2016

Book trailers entice people to read books which they wouldn’t otherwise have read. If they are used effectively as a part of your book promotion campaigns, they can work wonders to give your book it’s deserved publicity. Similar to movie trailers they help create additional exposure help generate a higher readership.

Online marketing using video media requires that the video be short, compelling and highly engaging. Publicity via trailers can be rewarding in an overcrowded marketplace if done rightly. Rather than inundating people with lots of words, trailers grab instant attention and tempt potential readers to look further and stay longer. Studies show that an average internet user remains on a website 80% longer if there is a video.

Here’s how trailers could be a unique way to get attention for your book:

Book trailers bring your work to life
If made rightly, book trailers have the potential to bring your work to life. They are designed to visually stimulate and bring far more attention than text. While reading a book, people create their own visualizations of the characters, the story and the overall plot. With a trailer, you can fuel their imaginations and make your book ‘look’ more appealing. It can add to the magic that sometimes cannot just be created with text. Trailers make your characters look real, believable and more convincing to a reader.

Creates a connection to the author
Some trailers include the author’s voice and message too. Many a times this is the most appealing part of a trailer especially if the author is one of the reader’s favorite. It creates an instant connection and is enough to persuade the reader to buy the book. A short, crisp and engaging message to the readers is a great way to attract potential buyers. A short narration from the novel could create an impact too. The author’s voice expressed in some or the other form in a trailer could be a great way to ‘sell’ a book.

Sparks curiosity and evokes action
Book trailers are meant to spark curiosity. You can unveil a few parts of the plot and invoke a sense of curiosity in the minds of readers. Maintain a dramatic tension throughout the video and leave it at a point where the reader feels the urge to find out ‘what happens next’. In this way anyone who views the video automatically wishes to buy the book. It effectively sparks the curiosity of the reader and convinces him to buy the book.

Finally, before you create a video, make sure that you carefully select your target demographics and create a video that will engage and entice them. Make sure that you use high resolution graphics and the message is clear. Also, select the right kind of art that is relevant to the theme of the book to stir up interest among your readers. Online videos are becoming popular than ever and creating a compelling trailer for your book promotion could be a great way to get your expected readership sooner.

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