Ebook Display Service – How it is Beneficial for your Book?
The Combined Book Team October 3, 2016

Digital books appeal to the new age readers because they are convenient and provide a great reading experience too. The ability to read anytime and anywhere without having to carry the weight like that of print books is just too convincing. It does not require any studies or research to say that eBooks are cheaper too! In this new digital age, you cannot ignore the potential of eBooks if you are a budding author or a publisher. eBooks are getting more traction than print books and if you are looking for promoting your book, an eBook display service could help attract the initial set of readers!

Authors and publishers are always looking for new avenues for eBook promotions. After all the traditional methods have been explored and tried, here are a few ways in which displaying eBooks in popular book shows can help:

Gathers the initial crowd
Book shows are a great way to gather the initial crowd for your book. If you have an eBook that needs it’s initial visibility, search for the most popular book shows. These shows have a special place for displaying ebooks on large screen televisions. The display is most often uniquely designed to attract attention. The book exhibitions generally gather crowds from all over the world and are an important venue for those looking at presenting their books to a larger initial audience.

Generate inquisitiveness
Book exhibitions that display eBooks generally also have an option for readers to read sample chapters of the book. This automatically instills inquisitiveness in the minds of readers about the plot. Many of them will what to know what happened next! Well, if the first few chapters were worth the read, they will definitely take the efforts to visit your site and download it – or download it from popular eBook stores online. The point is to urge the readers to want to read more and allowing a sample is just enough to accomplish this. Interested readers will definitely come back for more!

A new age look
eBooks are generally designed with professional looks and designers get really creative with the covers and the way the overall book-layout looks. eBooks look more trendy, ‘new age’ and cool. With all the hype around eBook readers and apps that support convenient features such as dictionary, audio features that read the book for you etc., eBooks are already popular among the reading community. All an author or a publisher needs to do is to find the right eBook display services to showcase your book. The modern reader cares about the look of the book too – whether in print or digital version.

You can get maximum exposure for your eBook if you display it in one of the popular book shows. eBook promotions are quite tricky as most of the marketing is done online, but with such display services you can easily gain the initial traction for your book that can add to the overall success of your book.

The Combined Book Exhibit presents you with a unique opportunity to display your eBooks on a beautiful Ebook – shelf on one of our flat screen TVs where show attendees can click on the cover of your book and preview the first few pages. Interested attendees can order your books or contact you can do so via the information you provide for the catalog during the registration process.

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