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  • The Combined Book Team January 9, 2017

    Collaborating with other authors is an excellent way to promote your book. There are many benefits to working with other authors since they understand the challenges of getting the word out in this competitive market. Here are some ideas: Cross-promote your book with other indie writers. This is one of the most popular author tips for the simple reason that it works. Offering to honestly review other people’s books, and ask them to review your book in return. You can also invite other writers to become a guest blogger for your website in exchange for the opportunity to…
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    The Combined Book Team August 22, 2016

    Book trailers entice people to read books which they wouldn’t otherwise have read. If they are used effectively as a part of your book promotion campaigns, they can work wonders to give your book it’s deserved publicity. Similar to movie trailers they help create additional exposure help generate a higher readership. Online marketing using video media requires that the video be short, compelling and highly engaging. Publicity via trailers can be rewarding in an overcrowded marketplace if done rightly. Rather than inundating people with lots of words, trailers grab instant attention and tempt potential readers to look further and stay…
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    The Combined Book Team April 23, 2015

    Via Rad/Dom Blog Below is a compilation of my favorite quotes from The London Book Fair’s Author HQ events. This is true for so many reasons. You just never know when you’ll meet someone who wants to know more about your book (and that someone could be a literary agent). If you can’t sum up your book quickly, and start stammering/make no sense they might assume you have no sense of your own project and if they’re busy (& chances are they are) you might not…
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    The Combined Book Team December 12, 2014

    Author Signing or Event Services – CBE Authors Central Author events such as signings and book readings can be a great way to connect with readers and reach another audience. But how do you get your own author event? There are several options, whether you can spend money on a dedicated are at a major trade show or fair, or you want to set up a smaller local signing or event, there are many avenues to choose from if you know where to look. I’ve done signings at trade shows like American Library Association Annual, conventions like NY…
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    The Combined Book Team September 23, 2014

    There are many options out there for eBook covers and as most authors know, your cover is one of the most important tools you have in grabbing a readers attention. Sometimes authors pay for covers that are not professional looking and this hurts your chances of being noticed by readers. Below is a tutorial on making your eBook cover using the online tool PicMonkey. First you will pick the custom option for our design. We will be using dimensions from the Kindle Direct website, 2820X4500 Pixels
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