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  • The Combined Book Team October 31, 2016

    Back in the old days, book marketing heavily relied on traditional press and was dependent on getting reviewed and liked by the ‘right publishers.’ This typically meant that you needed to work with the right PR firms that had established contacts with traditional publications. But today, the scenario is different. The internet and social media have brought about a radical change in the way things work. Social media makes it easy for you to share information about your book to a larger audience and also makes it easy for them to share it with their friends and contacts. It’s…
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    The Combined Book Team September 19, 2016

    It’s very easy to fall into the trap of believing that your book is for ‘everybody’. But in order to promote a book successfully, you will need a targeted approach. Defining who will most likely read your book is essential. The very first step is to identify your genre so that you can minimize your book marketing efforts to those set of customers who are most likely to read your book. For example, if your book is about dog health, your most obvious audience will be those with pet dogs. In reality, determining your target audience needs to be
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    The Combined Book Team September 5, 2016

    Book marketing has become one of the non-negotiable aspects of an author’s life. Building a solid fan base is the key to success. One of the most effective methods for spreading the word and establishing credibility is via blogging. Blogging makes you discoverable. It requires publishing new content regularly and consistently so that search engines have something new to crawl, index and rank. Readers, fans and potential buyers will be delighted to read your new posts too. Here are a few ways in which you can use blog posts to promote your book: Create a detailed plan To begin with create a
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    The Combined Book Team March 9, 2015

    By Keely Brooke Keith I recently came up with a new author interview series for my blog and announced to a couple indie author groups that I had spots available. I was thinking maybe I’d get enough authors to feature one per week until summer. An hour after my announcement, I had over sixty authors request an interview, and the requests are still coming in. I’m now featuring two authors per week for the foreseeable future and still cannot host them all. On the interview questionnaire I asked for the link to the author’s website. Most of the indie authors…
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    The Combined Book Team January 19, 2015

    Having your book displayed at any of our shows can generate sales, interest and most importantly give your project exposure. As with any form of marketing there is never a guarantee on how much success you will have, however there are extra steps you can take to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment. Read on to see how you can make the most of your print or eBook display with The Combined Book Exhibit. 1. Spread the Word Beforehand: I sometimes joke with authors that having your book displayed at a show and not telling…
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