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  • The Combined Book Team January 9, 2017

    Collaborating with other authors is an excellent way to promote your book. There are many benefits to working with other authors since they understand the challenges of getting the word out in this competitive market. Here are some ideas: Cross-promote your book with other indie writers. This is one of the most popular author tips for the simple reason that it works. Offering to honestly review other people’s books, and ask them to review your book in return. You can also invite other writers to become a guest blogger for your website in exchange for the opportunity to…
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    The Combined Book Team December 12, 2016

    With all the latest digital technology favoring advertising and marketing, book marketing services have taken full advantage to combine marketing efforts on the digital platform with traditional marketing strategies to give authors the publicity they need for generating sales and revenue, as per their specific requirement. Book promotion is offered to authors by various means. Internet Services Author website set-up Advertising your book with regular guest appearances on blogs that will showcase your talent via consumer book reviews, author interviews and guest posts. Displaying your ad on Google is a route to reach potential buyers…
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    The Combined Book Team August 22, 2016

    Book trailers entice people to read books which they wouldn’t otherwise have read. If they are used effectively as a part of your book promotion campaigns, they can work wonders to give your book it’s deserved publicity. Similar to movie trailers they help create additional exposure help generate a higher readership. Online marketing using video media requires that the video be short, compelling and highly engaging. Publicity via trailers can be rewarding in an overcrowded marketplace if done rightly. Rather than inundating people with lots of words, trailers grab instant attention and tempt potential readers to look further and stay…
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    The Combined Book Team July 19, 2016

    Salesmanship and book publicity campaigns are a part of an author’s life. However well written or gripping your novel is, you cannot rely on the book to sell itself! A well-conceived publicity plan is imperative for the success of your book. Your book should be easily discoverable on various platforms such as social media, book review websites, local book stores etc. Advertise your book through all possible channels so that it gets the visibility that is required for success. Whether you do it yourself, or hire book marketing services from a reputed firm, there are a few things you…
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    The Combined Book Team January 19, 2015

    Having your book displayed at any of our shows can generate sales, interest and most importantly give your project exposure. As with any form of marketing there is never a guarantee on how much success you will have, however there are extra steps you can take to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment. Read on to see how you can make the most of your print or eBook display with The Combined Book Exhibit. 1. Spread the Word Beforehand: I sometimes joke with authors that having your book displayed at a show and not telling…
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