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  • The Combined Book Team November 14, 2016

    For centuries, it’s been the publishers who decide what can and cannot be published. This has kept many stories untold and many creative writings unpublished. But since then, there has been a gigantic shift in this scenario, and today many channels have opened up presenting new opportunities to aspiring authors and writers. EBooks have brought about a revolution in the field of publishing and today; we see many authors taking this route for book publishing. Today, the popularity of eBooks has grown manifold and effective eBook promotion helps get the word out more successfully than any other means of…
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    The Combined Book Team October 17, 2016

    Contrary to popular belief, it remains a fact that books are most often judged by their covers. A good cover urges a reader to open it and find out what’s inside. It’s very easy to ignore and walk past shoddy covers without even taking a peek into its contents. A microsecond glance at your book’s cover might be the only chance you have to persuade a potential reader to buy your book. Hence, designing a good cover requires a lot of thought and planning. The cover of your book should be a visual, strategic and emotional glance into its…
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    The Combined Book Team December 18, 2014

    By Keely Brooke Keith As a new author releasing my first book, I was warned that unless my book is being released by one of the Big Five (it’s not) with a hefty marketing budget (nowhere close to hefty) I should be prepared to work for my readership. I was also warned that the initial burst of sales would consist of people I had reached through my blogging efforts and social media, the book’s pre-release marketing, and largely people who knew me personally, and at about the 6-week mark, sales might stagnant. I decided to try my own marketing push six-weeks…
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