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The Combined Book Team August 2, 2016

Twitter is a great place for writers and probably not for the reasons you’re thinking. Sure, it can be handy to promote your book to possibly thousands at once but if you’re just posting links to your book on Amazon, and not actually engaging in conversation with the writing and publishing community, those links won’t lead to much. And definitely not sales.

The best use of Twitter is to engage with other writers, to see what literary agents and publishers are looking for (if you’re planning on traditional publishing) and to be a part of the conversations going on in the book world. It’s important to understand the business of writing and to be up to date on all the happenings within the publishing community.
And believe it or not, you can have fun while doing that. Every day of the week, there are writing events on Twitter, where you can share your writing, interact with other authors and dip your toe in the online writing community.
A Twitter writing event consists of a hashtag and usually a theme, under which you’d post your tweet. For example, for my own event #MuseMon, our latest theme as of the posting of this blog post was “HEART,” so any lines in your book or manuscript with either the word heart or that conveys the theme of heart in some way, can be posted with the #MuseMon. Like this:


Notice I used the word HEART and the #MuseMon hashtag. This made it possible for other people looking at the Twitter feed for #MuseMon to see and like my post.

Participating in these events leads to likes, more followers, more interesting people to follow and most importantly: engagement and actual dialogue in the community. For most of the events I’ll list below buy links (that is links to your book’s Amazon etc.) are not allowed. That’s to make sure the events stay spam free, since lots of buy links are considered spam, and to keep focus on the writing itself. If someone is interested in your book, they can always click the link on your profile!

Below please find a list of all the weekly Twitter writing events, and make sure to follow the rules for each! Themes can usually be found on the profile of each hosts Twitter. Have fun, and I hope to see some of you out there in the Twitterverse!

#MuseMon hosted by @Claribel_Ortega
With a new music inspired theme each week, my own writer event #MuseMon is a great way to kick off the week.


#LoveLines hosted by @ellekarmawrites @AmandaKWrites
Share your lines about love and relationships from any genre! Optional themes posted each week.



#2BitTues hosted by @AngDonofrio


#1lineWed hosted by @RWAKissofDeath

Pictures are not required but sometimes add a nice touch.

Those are just a few examples of how Twitter writing events work! Below is the rest of the daily events schedule and the rules can be found on the hosts profile.


#ThruLineThurs hosted by @Madd_Fictional and @GurlKnoesSciFi

#Thurds hosted by @iamfunkhauser

#FictFri hosted by @Gracie_DeLunac
#FP hosted by @LoonyMoonyLara and @AdeleSGray, you can also follow @FridayPhrases
#FriDare hosted by @micascotti

#SlapDashSat hosted by @Madd_Fictional – No rules for this event!

#SunWIP hosted by @JudyLMohr


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