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The Combined Book Team April 5, 2018
A Simple Explanation

Combined Book Exhibit is a book marketing resource that allows you to have your books promoted at trade shows and book fairs across the country and the world for just a small entrance fee and no need for you to travel. But there’s more too it than just that

A Larger Explanation:

For over 75 years, Combined Book Exhibit has served as a book marketing and promotional service for members of the publishing industry, serving publishers of all sizes, self published authors, and those in publishing related industries connect with librarians, educators, booksellers, literary agents, editors, publishers and many other members of the publishing community by allowing you to market your titles at trade shows around the world!

Why Trade Shows?

Because despite email, Internet, printed catalogs and mailings, there’s no substitute for putting the book in the hand of the consumer. With effective book promotion from Combined Book Exhibit, your titles will be front and center at the very events that these people attend specifically to find new books! Whether it’s the largest book fair in the world, or any one of the many state library shows we attend (click here to see our current show schedule and learn more about each show), trade shows are one of the most valuable ventures in your book marketing efforts
And they have the furthest reach! Combined Book Exhibit attends trade shows all across the US and around the world, making for a truly worldwide experience.

How It Works:

Almost like a “living catalog”, The Combined Book Exhibit is a collective of books from publishers of all sizes, including almost any genre, and made available for show attendees to explore (see our FAQs for information on how exhibits are organized). Information on each title, and each participating author is collected in an exhibit catalog, unique to each different exhibit, and is given out to all interested attendees, who can contact you directly (CBE takes no cut of book sales!). When available, leads will be collected on your behalf and forwarded to you. Also when available, General leads of visitors to the booth are collected to help you build a list of valuable contacts.
In addition to all of that, we offer Internet-based marketing free with every entry! All of the information we collect for the exhibit catalog is included on our online, searchable database at!

So Why Combined Book Exhibit?

Simply put, we have 75 years of book promotion experience under our belts. And, along with that experience comes seniority, which is particularly important when choosing the best locations. With Combined Book Exhibit, your books won’t be buried in the back of the show, but will be front and center. Additionally, we have a large clientele of major publishing houses that will attract further traffic to your titles, whether they’re in our exhibit, or in the booth next door. Effective book promotion at trade shows starts with Combined Book Exhibit, because its:

Valuable: For less than the price of most print advertising, you can have effective book marketing worldwide with more than just a picture, and FREE Internet promotion!

Targeted: Industry professionals attend trade shows to find new books to buy or acquire. You titles will be seen mostly by those in the book field!

Cost-effective: Theres no need to spend the money to travel or buy your own full booth when you can get many of the same benefits with Combined Book Exhibit for prices starting at just $85!

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Or learn more about:

A Virtual Book Fair? Combined Book Exhibit has over 75 years experience marketing books at book fairs, but there are only so many in a year, so for those looking for a constant arena for their book marketing, we’re very proud to announce! an entirely FREE service from Combined Book Exhibitworks just like a book fair where you can:

  • Market your books
  • Network with other industry-related companies and professionals
  • Reach a worldwide audience

And much more! is free and easy to use. Simply visit to get started.

Interested in other forms of advertising? Full page print ads in our catalog? Banner ads on The Book Checkout? Advertising in our two monthly newsletters (One with a circulation of over 14 thousand publishers, agents, authors and more! One with a circulation of over 5 thousand librarians!)? Email us with what you’re looking for and we’ll tell you how to do it!

Specialty Exhibits? Combined Book Exhibit has many partnerships that help you even more effectively market your books. Click each to learn more:
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