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    Exhibiting over 50,000 books for 5000+ publishers every year to a collective
    audience of over 2 million world wide.
    Display a paperback or hardcover copy of your book at any of our worldwide book fairs. Participating in over 20 shows throughout the year including the Frankfurt International Book Fair in Germany and Book Expo America in New York City
    E-Book Display

    Starting at $149.00
    Ebooks are more popular than ever and with CBE you can display your Ebook at any of our shows. With a beautiful Ebook shelf display on one of our flat screen TVs, show attendees can click on the cover of your book and preview the first few pages of it.
    Get maximum exposure with our print/eBook combo. Have both a paperback/hardcover display and an electronic display on one of our flat screen televisions with an Ebook preview.
    Book Trailers
    Starting at $599.00
    Whether you’re a debut author trying to get the word out about your first book, or someone with publishing experience looking for a way to introduce new readers to your work, a book trailer from the Combined Book Exhibit could be just what you’re looking for.
    Advertising in Exhibit Catalogs
    Starting at $150.00
    Reach show attendees even after they’ve left the book fairs with one of our full page ads! Include your book cover, blurb, retailers are more. Full page ads are a great way to gain additional exposure for your print or ebook title.

    Starting at $695.00
    Meet your readers and members of the library community face to face! Author autographing events can be an essential tool for authors to get the word out about their book, and with CBE Autographing you’ll be positioned in a highly visible section of the exhibit floor.

    Social Media Content and Consultation
    Starting at $75.00
    Not sure what to tweet? Don’t know how to make the most of a Facebook post? Let our social media expert and self-published author Claribel Ortega guide you through the process of making every character count with this content consult! Claribel will share with you her expertise…

      Complete Social Media Content Service For Facebook And Twitter
    Starting at $150.00
    With our Complete Social Media service (for Fiction titles only), you’ll receive an introductory half hour consultation with Claribel, after which, Claribel will provide…

    Feature Your Title in Our Library Newsletter
    Starting at $99.00
    Reach the library community with our monthly librarian newsletter! Our Librarian newsletter reaches ten thousand librarians and can help spread the word about your book to one of the most important communities in the publishing world.

    Coupons, Promotions and Show Packages

    Becoming a member of Combined Book Exhibit gives you added benefit to your marketing efforts! Paid members to Combined Book Exhibit receive all of the following: Discounted rates on all of our exhibits! Becoming a member…
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