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    Reach show attendees even after they’ve left the book fairs with one of our full page ads! Include your book cover, blurb, retailers are more. Full page ads are a great way to gain additional exposure for your print or ebook title.
    At each of our shows, we provide a printed show catalog to show attendees. This catalog includes our company information and details on each title being displayed at that particular show.


    At the back of this catalog we also include full-page ads with further information on titles. Visuals are a great way to promote your book, and having a larger space to display your book cover and any other graphics related to your title can go a long way in getting more attention for your title.


    Full page ads provide a way to convey more information to show attendees, and helps your book to stand out among the displayed titles. It’s also a great way to let show attendees know about additional books in a series, notable reviews and awards and a longer description of the book.