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    Print/Ebook Combo
    Get maximum exposure with our print/eBook combo. Have both a paperback/hardcover display and an electronic display on one of our flat screen televisions with an Ebook preview.

    Ebooks are more popular than ever and with CBE you can display your Ebook at any of our shows. With a beautiful Ebook shelf display on one of our flat screen TVs, show attendees can click on the cover of your book and preview the first few pages of it.

    Display a paperback or hardcover copy of your book at any of our worldwide book fairs. Participating in over 20 shows throughout the year including the Frankfurt International Book Fair in Germany and Book Expo America in New York City, CBE has options for authors looking to display their books without having to travel. CBE displays books from large, small, or independent publishers as well as self-published authors.

    Displaying with us is simple! To register for one of our shows you simply follow the instructions on our registration page, you choose the show(s) you’d like to participate in and fill out your information. Once that is completed you will send us your book(s) and we take care of the rest! Each book in our display is numbered and has a corresponding listing in our catalog. Any attendees interested in ordering your books or contacting you will do so via the information you provide for the catalog during the registration process. There are ways to help supplement your display as well as individual services like book trailers and social media which you can find out more about here. If you need help with our registration click here.