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What is The Combined Book Exhibit?

The Combined Book Exhibit is one of the most widely recognized and highly respected names in the publishing community. For over 85 years, CBE has been showcasing published works at national and international book shows and expos, becoming a dependable resource for the publishers and authors it serves, and the librarians and educators who depend on it. CBE’s reputation with publishers has helped it grow into one of the biggest-if not the biggest-exhibitor at each show it attends, while its reputation with educators and librarians makes it one of the busiest.

Where do I send my book?

We require one copy of your book for EACH show you enter. All books should be sent to:

The Combined Book Exhibit
277 White Street
Buchanan, NY 10511

We recommend shipping your book with a carrier that supplies a tracking number like UPS or Fedex.

Do I have to upload a PDF or ePub of my book?

PDFs are only required if you have registered for an eBook display or a print/eBook display combo. If you are registering for a Print only display, you can still upload a PDF for a look inside the book feature that will be seen on the online catalog at no extra cost. to see a preview of your book on our website, click on this link https://secure.combinedbook.com/catalogs-and-reports.html

What formats does CBE display?

  • Print
  • Ebook
  • Audiobooks

What benefits do I receive from displaying my book with CBE?

Displaying your books with CBE can be a great way to build buzz and spread awareness about your titles. Displaying your books at our shows helps to get it in front of librarians, industry professionals and readers which can in turn lead to more interest in your titles. After each show you will also receive a show report detailing general information about the event. Please note, delivery time for reports vary from show to show.

Can I expect increased sales from displaying with CBE?

Like most marketing efforts, CBE does not guarantee sales or leads from any of our shows. Many of the show attendees who visit our booth browse through our titles and take a catalog with them. Sometimes this leads to sales, but as they can occur anywhere from days to months after our shows, there is no way to track if they resulted directly from our display or from another source. Additionally, most orders are placed through distributors who do not provide information about where the order came from.

How do I get the most out of my display?

  • Spread the Word Beforehand: Use your social media and blog (if you have one) to let your followers and readers know your book will be on display with us.
  • Promote during the show: Keep the social media promotion going during the show by using any show related hashtags and interacting with other attendees and exhibitors online. You don’t have to attend the show itself to make connections.
  • Have a Show Related Promotion: Having your book on sale in conjunction with your display can help drive sales up and traffic to your site.

What kinds of book fairs does CBE attend?

CBE attends international trade book fairs, national library conferences, education, and International consumer book fairs. If you have questions about which show is right for you, please Email us at [email protected] , or contact us via phone.

What genres does CBE display?

We display all genres.

Can CBE help me find an agent or publisher?

While we can’t directly advise you on acquiring a publisher or connect you with an agent, many times agents or publishers will visit our booth to find new titles and clients. If you’re interested in selling translation rights at one of our international shows (such as New York Rights Fair, Frankfurt, London or Guadalajara) might be a good match. You can also visit Pubmatch.com for more information on selling your translation rights online.

What payments do you accept?

We accept credit cards.

Can I attend a show I signed up for?

Yes, although there are some restrictions. We do not allow authors or publishers to spend large amounts of time in our booth space. Unless you have signed up for an autographing session, your time in our booth should be limited to a short visit to see your book, take a picture and chat briefly with the booth attendee if time allows. We do not permit authors to stay in our booth and hand out promotional materials or hold meetings in our area. Free badges to attend the shows are available on a show by show basis and we must be notified well ahead of time. For more information on receiving a badge for a show you’ve signed up for please contact us at [email protected]

Can I place an ad in your exhibit catalog?

Yes, you may display an ad in our exhibit catalog by signing up for a full page ad. Ads should be 8.5 X 11 in size, in PDF format and can be in full color or black and white. You are responsible for the design of your ad.

Can I have a book signing at a show?

Yes! If you sign up for an autographing session which lasts for one hour, we would be happy to host a book signing event for you. We will produce a small poster highlighting you and the time and day you will be autographing. Please note, we strongly discourage the selling of books at any of our shows and have found that attempting to sell significantly decreases the traffic during a signing. If you do still decide to sell your books please note we will not be able to help you with any aspect of handling the money, making change, or storing any money you might receive from attendees.

Why wouldn’t I just cut out the middleman and be an exhibitor at these shows myself?

When you allow the COMBINED BOOK EXHIBIT to display your book, you get the help of over 85 years of experience and reputation bringing attention to your books. CBE also handles the cost of freight from our Buchanan, NY office, labor and other show expenses, making what could be a several thousand dollar venture for you (per show!), into a single manageable fee. Additionally, smaller publishers and authors are usually placed at the very back of venues where there is less foot traffic. With CBE you are guaranteed a more prominent position at book fairs, increasing your chances of exposure.

What happens to my book after the show?

We donate all books to places like Better World Books as well as schools and libraries.

How many copies of my book do I need to send?

We will need one copy of your book for EACH show you register.

Can I get a discount if I enter multiple shows?

Yes, if you are thinking about registering five or more shows, please email us at [email protected] or call one of our representatives for a price.

Can I preview my listing in your online show catalog?

Yes, You can preview your listing by clicking here, then selecting the show(s) you’ve signed up for and searching for your title. You can make changes to your title up to the deadline date for the print catalog, and any time in the online catalog.If you need help with making changes you can email us at [email protected]

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