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The world is shrinking and publishing has become a global business. From book sales to selling the foreign “Rights” to your book to a publisher in another country are just two additional revenue streams for authors and publishers.

BOOK SALES: Sales of books outside the U.S. are mainly done through distributors and wholesalers. Companies like Ingram and Baker & Taylor are selling to thousands of foreign retailers around the world. Marketing your book(s) is essential to letting buyers know your book exists. Major International Book Shows around the world are great ways to get your book in front of foreign buyers. The top International book Shows include the Frankfurt Book Shows, London Book Shows, Beijing Book Shows, Bologna Book Shows, and the Sharjah International Book Shows (Middle East).

RIGHTS SALES: Selling the foreign rights to your book is big business. There are 43 different languages in the world and virtually an unlimited number of territories that the languages can be sold. For example, you can sell the Spanish rights to your book to a publisher in Spain who will only sell it in Spain. You can then sell the Spanish rights to Argentina, Columbia, Equador and every other Spanish language country as well. Each could be sold for a period of 1-5 years with you receiving an advance on the initial print runs.

PubMatch has a tool kit that enables you to sell the rights yourself. For further information on PubMatch, email [email protected] or [email protected]. Displaying your title at major International book Shows and a profile on PubMatch is a great one-two punch.

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