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    The person and/or company submitting the registration form is responsible for the accuracy of the information supplied.

    The information supplied during the registration process is exactly how it will appear in CBE’s exhibit catalog(s) and on its searchable online database.

    It is the responsibility of the company or authorized representative to keep the information supplied to CBE up-to-date and accurate.

    The company or authorized representative is responsible for supplying CBE with the appropriate amount of display copies as outlined on the Combined Book Exhibit’s website.

    Completion of the registration process including the receipt of the display copies must be accomplished by the stated deadline of each show outlined in CBE’s website.

    Space is limited and on a first come, first serve basis.

    Display copies become the property of the Combined Book Exhibit unless prior arrangements are made.

    Full payment must be made prior to the Show’s date unless prior arrangements are made in writing.

    CBE reserves the right to deny registration and/or representation at the show(s).

    Only CBE authorized representatives can staff the exhibit.

    Books are assigned numbers based on their supplied Subject Category and are organized in numerical order in the physical exhibit. The shelf placement of materials in the CBE exhibit is not pre-determined. As such, CBE is not responsible for the physical location within the exhibit of the titles on display.

    CBE reserves the right to change location of any display materials in order to serve the best interest of the exhibit as CBE sees fit.

    It is understood that CBE is a means of advertising or promoting books and other titles. CBE does not guarantee any sales or orders will be generated as a result of its service.

    The Combined Book Exhibit is a service intended for Authors who cannot attend shows, but if you are an author who will be attending here is what you are able to do:

    • Take pictures of your title on the shelf.
    • Take pictures with family members and friends with your title.
    • Leave promotional material on our table in the booth for attendee’s to pick up.

    You cannot:

    • Hand out promotional materials as it is unfair to the other authors participating with CBE.
    • Have meetings in the display area
    • Stay in the display area for extended periods of time to talk up or promote their book.

    These rules are in place to benefit all authors and publishers participating. By talking up your book or trying to stay in the exhibit for an extended period of time, you may be deterring an attendee from looking at other titles that may interest him/her

    It is the responsibility of the company or authorized representative to upload pdf or epub files for the look inside the book feature and indicate the percentage of the book that will be seen online. CBE is not responsible for pdf files that show the entire contents of the book.

    It is the responsibility of the company or authorized representative to monitor and update this information through CBE login’s and passwords provided at the time of registration.

    Please note: We will only show a maximum of ten trailers per show. We reserve the right to screen any trailers produced outside of CBE. All non-CBE produced trailers will be displayed at our discretion.