Help Those In Need This Winter With Project #ReadandStayWarm
The Combined Book Team September 11, 2014

While the need for warm coats has never been greater, it has also never been easier to meet this vital need in our community. The Combined Book Exhibit invites the literary and library community to join them in an effort to ensure that no one goes without a warm coat this winter.

According to One Warm Coat, “Health experts report that even a 2-degree drop in body temperature results in reduced heart rate, loss of coordination, and confusion. Adults cannot work effectively and children find it difficult to learn.  For most, a warm coat solves the problem. But for or the now nearly 15% of Americans living in poverty, a warm winter coat is a budget “extra”.

A few more facts about homelessness:

  • 1 in 5 children live in households whose earnings fall below the poverty level in the U.S.
  • In 2009, 31 percent of U.S. children lived in families where no parent had full-time, year-round employment. (2.9 million more than in 2008.)
  • Homelessness is defined as lack of permanent, safe, affordable night time residence. A growing population of adults, parents and children live “doubled up” with extended family.
  • An estimated 671,850 Americans experience homelessness on any given night.

Help us to provide those in need with warm coats this winter! At six of our Fall and Winter library shows, CBE will be collecting new and lightly used coats for those who need them most. Below please find a schedule of the shows where CBE will be taking donations:

The Combined Book Exhibit will be collecting clean, gently used warm coats at the above shows and donating them to The Westchester Coalition for the Hungry and Homeless, Inc. a “not for profit composed of autonomous food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, service organizations and individuals interested in alleviating hunger and homelessness in our region.”

Help us spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and any social media you have by using #ReadandStayWarm.

If you’d like more information or would like to help please email Claribel Ortega at [email protected]


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