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Watch our Video 2015-03-06 The Combined Book Exhibit is the book promotion and marketing company that help authors and publishers by displaying their books at library and publishing shows around the US and the world.
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    CBE Perspectives

    Many publishers are slow learners. In spite of abundant evidence to the contrary, they cling to time-honored myths about the $5 billion library market, thereby depriving themselves of substantial revenue. Other houses, as diverse as Doubleday, Wiley and Greenwood Press, have recognized the long-term revenue potential. Replacing The Myths About Marketing To Libraries

    Featured Articles
    Bernice CrouseBernice CrouseExecutive Director Franklin County Library System Chambersburg, PA
    I love “The Combined Book Exhibit” at PaLA conference! I have grown to count on it to learn about books by new authors and those that don’t show up in the review publications with starred status. On a limited budget, it really helps to see the real thing, close up and personal! I usually spend an couple hours browsing the exhibit for items of interest to the communities I serve. It is always worth my time, because I discover such treasures!
    Talia ShererTalia ShererDirector of Library Marketing, Adult Trade Macmillan
    The Combined Book Exhibit team is friendly, energetic, and extremely hard-working. Our books have never been in better hands!
    Virginia StanleyVirginia StanleyDirector Library Marketing HarperCollinsPublishers
    Combined Book Exhibit has consistently provided the best exposure for our books at trade shows.
    If we can’t attend a particular conference (or even if we can!) our books are well-represented by CBE.
    Their exhibits are always impressive and attractive and their booth staff is knowledgeable, engaging and attentive to attendees.
    We have been exhibiting through CBE for years because of their trusted reputation and the integrity of their work. In a nutshell: they care about customer satisfaction: the publishers, the authors and the librarians.
    Marcia Lane PurcellMarcia Lane PurcellRandom House, Inc. Vice President, Director, Library and Academic Marketing

    Even through Random House, Inc. is very big, the staff of the Library Marketing Department is relatively small — and our show budget is not unlimited — so what to do about representation at those important state shows that we can’t attend in person?? Combined Book Exhibit to the rescue!

    For over 15 years Random House, Inc. has relied upon CBE to represent us at from 8 – 10 shows per year all around the country. Their staff is knowledgeable, conscientious, pleasant and they always get their attractive booth up right on time. No worries with CBE.
    And two additional points — ...

    Dina ShermanDina ShermanSchool & Library Marketing Director Disney Book Group
    Nothing can replace the experience of holding a book in your hand and looking through it at your own pace. It’s why we exhibit at conferences! When we can’t be at a conference in our own booth, Combined Book Exhibit allows us to display our books and get them into the hands of the teachers and librarians who make the purchasing decisions. They’re pros, and a pleasure to work with.
    Richard ERichard EThompson Retired Director Wilmette Public Library Wilmette, Illinois 60091
    Mr. Peter Birch The Combined Book Exhibit 277 White Street Buchanan, NY 10511 Dear Peter: I wanted to put into writing my comment to you at ALA this past summer. The Combined Book Exhibit was, for me and I am sure many others, still is one of the high points of the conference. I consistently spent more time perusing your exhibit than attending any of the individual programs. Keep up the good work.
    Pamela A. HattonPamela A. HattonGeneseo Middle/High School Librarian

    Letter from a School Librarian –
    Dear Mr. Malinowski:
    Last week I attended the NYLA conference in Saratoga Springs, NY. From time to time over my career I have gone to these conferences. I have always found that one of the most valuable parts of the conference is the time that I am able to spend at the Combined Book Exhibit. it is the one time when I get a chance to actually examine and review for myself new books. I can examine the photographs, the graphics. I can scan the index and table of contents and skim through the pages getting ...

    Susan MessSusan MessRe: Source Publications
    “Good Program! You’ve definitely helped me sell books:
    MaryAnn F. KohlMaryAnn F. KohlPresident Bright Ring Publishing, Inc.
    “As a small publisher I thank my lucky stars for the exhibition service CBE provides. My personal representative keeps tabs on what is needed, and reminding me when I forget and advising me when I am too busy to read their fliers. Most important, my rep at CBE has always been open and honest about which shows will benefit me most. If I could hire a personal staff of book exhibitors to work for Bright Ring, I would hire CBE. My library sales have risen markedly since employing their exhibit service, and I will continue to use them for all ...
    Jim MilliotJim MilliotBusiness & Finance Editor Publisher’s Weekly
    “An outstanding promotion, service, and value.”