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  • The Combined Book Team November 14, 2016

    For centuries, it’s been the publishers who decide what can and cannot be published. This has kept many stories untold and many creative writings unpublished. But since then, there has been a gigantic shift in this scenario, and today many channels have opened up presenting new opportunities to aspiring authors and writers. EBooks have brought about a revolution in the field of publishing and today; we see many authors taking this route for book publishing. Today, the popularity of eBooks has grown manifold and effective eBook promotion helps get the word out more successfully than any other means of…
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    The Combined Book Team October 3, 2016

    Digital books appeal to the new age readers because they are convenient and provide a great reading experience too. The ability to read anytime and anywhere without having to carry the weight like that of print books is just too convincing. It does not require any studies or research to say that eBooks are cheaper too! In this new digital age, you cannot ignore the potential of eBooks if you are a budding author or a publisher. eBooks are getting more traction than print books and if you are looking for promoting your book, an eBook display service could…
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