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  • The Combined Book Team July 16, 2015

    Via Raddom.com Another great infographic by Extra Ink Edits! Visit  http://www.ExtraInkEdits.com for more tips from Megan plus resources for all your WIP editing needs!
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    The Combined Book Team July 16, 2015

    Via Raddom.  I travel pretty often and one of the things I use to pass the time on airplanes or hotel rooms is podcasts. If you followed the Serial phenomenon, you’ll know how big podcasts have become recently but aside from true crime programs, there are hidden gems that can help writers with everything from querying to research for their novel. I’ve only been listening to writing podcasts for a few months but below are some of my favorite finds. These are perfect for at work listening, for your morning…
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    The Combined Book Team April 23, 2015

    Via Rad/Dom Blog Below is a compilation of my favorite quotes from The London Book Fair’s Author HQ events. This is true for so many reasons. You just never know when you’ll meet someone who wants to know more about your book (and that someone could be a literary agent). If you can’t sum up your book quickly, and start stammering/make no sense they might assume you have no sense of your own project and if they’re busy (& chances are they are) you might not…
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