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    Meet your readers and members of the library community face to face! Author autographing events can be an essential tool for authors to get the word out about their book, and with CBE Autographing you’ll be positioned in a highly visible section of the exhibit floor. Book signings and book giveaways at major shows such as BEA and ALA are a part of every major publisher’s marketing plan, and with CBE Autographing any author can now enjoy the perks of exposure during these events. Our staff will ensure a smooth event, helping to bring attendees to your table and helping with any issues that arise throughout. Whether you’re launching a new book or looking for a new way to promote your titles, autographing is the perfect option for any author.
    “It was a great joy to launch our WICKED CLONE novel at BEA 2015, under the greatly organized New Title Showcase – Combined Books Exhibit. The warmth, love and care of Claribel Ortega, Jon Malinowski, and the Combined Book team for our novel has impressed us and encouraged us to recommend other writers to work with these great friends and professionals.” – The Indiggo Twins
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    • Price for autographing does not include a display of your book in the exhibit. You must register your title as published rates.
    • You can send us up to 100 copies of your book for signing, or you can hand carry your books to the show. If you ship to us, see shipping instructions below.
    • We highly recommend that you do not charge for your book.
    • Autographings are scheduled for one hour time slots.
    Shipping Instructions

    Send your books to:

    Combined Book Exhibit
    277 White Street
    Buchanan, NY 10511

    Attn: Autographing [name or acronym of show]

    Questions? click here for our staff directory.

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