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There are a growing number of marketing companies for self published authors popping up from the Philippines using local residential addresses in the United States. These companies claim that they have sales representatives working out of their home in the U.S. and use their home address as their main business address. Additionally, some of these companies have gone out of business and then re-open under a different name with a slightly different address.

Some of these companies are also offering our book fairs as part of their marketing service and are charging exorbitant rates upwards of $1800 for a single show. Our published rates are much lower

Below are some of the companies we have come across that we have “red flagged” as either charging exorbitant fees or telling outright lies about what they can provide. See “Common Red Flag Promises” below.

We will continue to monitor these companies and if you should encounter one of these companies or a new one that you feel might be a scam, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected].

Your book was sent to us by our direct partner, every book that we received undergone evaluation, and your book was part of our Top16 highly promoted and recommended, as a literary endorser, we endorse your book in every organization that we are affiliated with, I just want to let you know that your book was accepted by the (Name of show) that they want to see your book at their prestigious book fair and acquisition event. The said organization saw the potential of your book, and now as the Major Exhibitor, we exclusively invited you to have a spot to be part of our 12 cherry-picked books to be exhibited in our Gallery/booth. We could help you find potential investors for your book and reach-our your individual buyers.

Please use caution when dealing with any of these companies.

Red Flag Companies

  • Alpha Book Solutions
  • AuthorPress
  • AuthorPro (Part of Matchstick)
  • Author Centrix
  • Author Capital LLC
  • Book Agency Plus
  • Book Avenue Publishing
  • Book Magnets
  • Book Thoughts Press
  • Book Vine Press
  • Carter Press
  • Capstone Media Press/Service
  • Editor’s Press and Media
  • Global Summit Services
  • Goldman Agency
  • Matchstick Literary (Part of AuthorPro)
  • Paramount Books Media
  • Pearson Media Group
  • Kilmer Press Solutions LLC
  • Paradigm
  • Pub Maters
  • BookMarc Alliance
  • Parchment Global Publishing
  • American Ebook Writers
  • ecpublishing
  • LiftedQuery
  • Media Literary Excellence, LLC.

Common Red Flag Promises Made By Sales Rep’s From Company

  • We have received feedback from our Book Scouts and Literary Agents that your book has a potential but is currently overpriced and they want us to assist you in having your book at a lesser price, yet at bigger royalties.
  • That movie/literary agents will see their book.
  • They will set up meetings about their books with agents.
  • They are very interested in working with you on your book. We think you have a lot of potentials.
  • Introduce you to Big Name Publisher. Contact us if you’d like to discuss.
  • Will make your book a New York Times or Amazon best seller.
  • Offer huge discounts on their publishing packages that are thousands of dollars.
  • Your book has been chosen by experts and has been selected to be displayed in “ x book fair” but only a limited number of authors are invited and they must act fast.
  • We can translate your book in any language.
  • One of our book experts read your book and felt it has a lot of potential.
  • Wanting to re-publish your book with the possibility of selling it to a company/publisher.
  • My name is Martin Ingram from Paradigm, I’m sending you this email to inform you that your book (name of book) has been selected to be acquired by our sponsor publisher. They would like to print 30,000 books for circulation to bookstores within North America and invest on marketing the proposed title.
  • We would like to have your book a special spot at the (SHOW NAME). We believe that your book would have a high percentage of the audience during this event, and we would love to see and represent the book at the Fair.
  • I am very pleased and excited to inform you, Name Of Author, that because you have been recommended by our book critics, you will be able to enjoy this limited VIP voucher discount that is only intended for the top 15 books recommended.

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Marketing Scams & False Promises

A growing number of marketing companies are popping up from the Philippines that are scamming self published authors. See a list of some of these companies and common “come-ons” they are using.

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