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Book Publicity and Promotion

With the thousands of new book published each month, it is a difficult task for authors and publishers to make their new releases stand out, attract attention and spark book sales.

Combined Book Exhibit has teamed up with Smith Publicity, Inc. to offer publishers and authors creative, effective and highly tailored book publicity options.

Below is information about book publicity services. Smith Publicity is providing Combined Book Exhibit author with special discount pricing. Please contact Sandy Diaz at [email protected] or 856-489-8654 x301 to learn more about a program best suited for your project. When calling, please make sure to ask for the Combined Book Exhibit discount.

Book Promotion Options

  • Four Month Campaigns Reaching United States and Canada
  • Six Week Campaigns Reaching United States and Canada
  • Six Week Campaigns Reaching United Kingdom

Smith Publicity emphasizes the creative presentation and pitching to put the author and the book in the best possible position to secure media opportunities including:

  • book listings/reviews/mentions/excerpts,
  • feature stories and articles,
  • rend pieces,
  • author profiles,
  • broadcast interviews,
  • blog coverage,
  • by lined article placement,
  • expert commentary opportunities

If it makes sense for the project, Smith Publicity also includes a “personality cultivation” component into campaigns where they will promote the author as an expert in his or her field, along with creating awareness for the title. They are essentially using the book as a business card to introduce target audiences to the author’s ideas and philosophies. The goal is to position the author “thought leaders” in his or her industry to attract additional business opportunities, while increasing book sales.

In their publicity campaigns, Smith Publicity:

  • writes creative and highly personalized press kit,
  • aggressively pitches the author and book to selected local, regional and national:
  • print (newspaper and magazine),
  • broadcast (radio and television) and
  • Internet outlets,
  • distributes books/press material to interested media,
  • schedules media interviews,
  • follows up with all contacts, leads and interest to encourage a variety of coverage,
  • provides written weekly updates of pitching activities, details of interested media and publicity initiatives for the upcoming week.

About Smith Publicity, Inc.
Smith Publicity, Inc. has forged a reputation as one of the most creative publicity and public relations agencies in North America with offices in New Jersey, New York City, Los Angeles and London.

They have worked with over 800 authors and publishers worldwide since 1997 to create a “buzz” about their projects and spend a great deal of time getting to know the author, the publisher and the goals for each project.

They are know for taking unorthodox, creative approaches attacking the media with different mixes of strategies, using provocative, always persuasive written materials in combination with personal pitching to reach their long time media contacts. The ultimate goal is to get their authors the best possible chance of securing media attention and boost book sales.

Smith Publicity has worked with hundreds of authors and publishers worldwide to promote titles in every genre, including fiction, non-fiction, self help, business, mind, body and spirit, cookbooks, how to, memoirs, political, health, current events, religious titles, and select poetry and children’s books.

A sample of top media placements includes New York Times, TIME, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Today Show, Washington Post, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, USA Today, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Chicago Sun Times, Parade Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Inc., FOX News, Fox and Friends, CNBC News, ABC News, Newsweek, National Public Radio and in the U.K. BBC national and local radio and television, The Guardian, The Times, The Financial Times, Business Week, Chat Magazine, She Magazine, Sky TV and LIFE.

Visit for more information. To receive a Combined Book Exhibit discount price, please contact Sandy Diaz at [email protected] or 856-489-8654 x301. Please make sure to ask for the Combined Book Exhibit discount.

Save 75% on your LTL Shipping costs

We are pleased to be working with GMG Transportation & Logistics to offer you significant savings on your LTL shipments nationwide. Because of the sheer volume of shipments we are providing, GMG can offer you a 75% discount off published LTL rates anywhere in the United States. It’s as easy as calling a toll-free number, and mentioning that you are a member of the Combined Book Exhibit. You automatically get the discount. Click here for the number and easy instructions…

Receive your 75% discount off LTL rates by calling GMG and mentioning that you are a Combined Book Exhibit member.

GMG will…

  1. Provide the shipping rates*
  2. Prepare a Bill of Lading (if you do not have one)
  3. Contact the carrier to schedule the pick-up.
  4. Confirm that the pick-up has been made.
  5. Provide an audit of the freight bill prior to the billing.


1-888-826-4321 (pick-ups and customer service)
1-800-986-4321 (business office)
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

*Customer must provide an accurate description of articles being shipped including weight of the shipment.

Save 25% on web design, mobile apps and web application development costs

Publishers often need reliable web design services at an affordable cost, CBE partners with Pulse Solutions to offer high quality software solutions to CBE customers. Pulse can integrate with the CBE book database so your data is seamlessly linked to your new web site or web application.

Mobile applications are all the rage now, they make it easier for users to access your services, read books, comment and leave reviews.

Email [email protected] addressing Manoj Manghnani indicating you are a CBE customer to qualify for a discount.

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