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Early in 2012, Combined Book Exhibit introduced the Combined eBook Exhibit! A new, cutting edge concept for eBook Marketing and eBook Promotion that allows you to exhibit your ebooks to audiences at the many book fairs and Combined Book Exhibit displays. The eBook Promotion exhibit uses large monitors to draw attention to the exhibit, while using new technology to keep people looking, book by book, at the many titles exhibited within. The Combined eBook Exhibit takes your book’s PDF file (which you’re prompted to upload during the registration process) and automatically converts it to a safe file that can’t be copied or downloaded, but is easy to read at a book fair! Books are displayed with their cover always present, and when an attendee clicks the cover of the book he or she is interested in, they are able to preview up to 45 pages of the book. Users can see your contact and distribution information by clicking “more” on the book cover, and they can “check” to receive more information about your book. Doing this, and entering their email, will send the user a customized e-catalog containing further information on the books about which he or she wants to learn more.

Because files created via the Combined eBook Exhibit are not usable with standard ebook reading programs, and because nothing is sold directly from the Combined eBook Exhibit, DRM is not a concern. Like the Combined Book Exhibit does for print books in its physical book displays, the ebook display allows for eBook marketing, promotion, lead collection and discoverability.

See how it looks!