Ebook Marketing – Tips for Getting the Word Out about your Ebook
The Combined Book Team November 14, 2016

For centuries, it’s been the publishers who decide what can and cannot be published. This has kept many stories untold and many creative writings unpublished. But since then, there has been a gigantic shift in this scenario, and today many channels have opened up presenting new opportunities to aspiring authors and writers. EBooks have brought about a revolution in the field of publishing and today; we see many authors taking this route for book publishing.

Today, the popularity of eBooks has grown manifold and effective eBook promotion helps get the word out more successfully than any other means of marketing. Many Book promotion companies have taken advantage of eBooks to reach a larger target audience and to increase their existing reader-base. But, eBooks do not sell themselves. Careful planning is required for effectively market online books too otherwise; nobody will click, download, read or even see it.

Promoting an eBook goes well beyond creating a landing page and tweeting a link. These are basic moves. A planned approach can not only attract prospective readers, but also generate leads and actual sales.

Here are a few eBook marketing tips so that it aids your book promotion efforts:

Increase your web presence
The very first aspect of marketing an eBook is to build a web presence. If you do not already have a landing page for your book, create one. Secondly, make sure that you make all the necessary tweaks to make it SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. Create testimonials or a feedback section where your readers and fans can comment and write.

Build your fanbase
Building a fan-based online requires an unparalleled presence on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Create a campaign on Facebook to promote your book. Make sure that you share the link to your landing page where your potential readers can download the book. Make sure that you stay on the top of things and reply to each comment or message that you receive. This ensures that your fans and potential readers stay engaged and interested enough to download and buy your book.

Cultivate a community
The internet is a perfect platform to create a discussion forum or a community where readers can communicate with their favorite authors. You can post interesting quotes or events from the book that can create enough intrigue and urge the reader to buy the full version of the book.

Give to get
Giving away freebies has been a tried and tested marketing strategy to market anything effectively. In the case of eBooks, you can give away chapters or free downloads for a limited period. It’s a great way to attract the initial crowd.

Target specific markets
While selling your eBooks, make sure that you select very specific target markets to get your word out. Do your research carefully and ensure that you run a targeted marketing campaign so that your book gets its deserved initial audience.

When it comes to marketing eBooks, it’s important to remember that you need to keep the ball rolling. Just one launch event will never be enough. You will need to keep rolling out your words, ideas and constantly keep communication channels with your readers open – and your eBook will surely see success sooner.


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